1: The WWE Draft 2024 results are in! Night one on SmackDown saw some big picks. Find out who made the cut.

2: Superstars from Raw and SmackDown were drafted to new brands. Who will thrive in their new homes?

3: The landscape of WWE has shifted. New rivalries will spark as superstars adjust to their new brands.

4: Fans can expect fresh matchups and surprising alliances as the dust settles on the WWE Draft 2024.

5: Tune in to see how the new rosters shape up, and who will rise to the occasion in this new era of WWE.

6: Superstars must prove themselves on their new brands, and secure their place in the WWE Draft shakeup.

7: Opportunities abound for up-and-coming talent to make their mark in the aftermath of the WWE Draft 2024.

8: The stakes are high as superstars navigate the challenges of a brand new landscape in WWE Draft 2024.

9: Stay tuned for night two of the draft, and see which superstars will continue to make waves in WWE's ever-evolving roster.

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