1: "Fatigue and Weakness - Feeling tired and weak can be a sign of Vitamin C deficiency."

2: "Slow Wound Healing - Vitamin C helps with collagen production, so slow wound healing may indicate a deficiency."

3: "Frequent Infections - Low Vitamin C levels can weaken the immune system, leading to more infections."

4: "Bleeding Gums - Vitamin C is crucial for gum health; bleeding gums could signal a deficiency."

5: "Dry and Damaged Skin - Vitamin C plays a role in skin health, deficiency can cause dryness and damage."

6: "Swollen and Painful Joints - Inadequate Vitamin C can lead to joint inflammation and pain."

7: "Easy Bruising - Vitamin C supports blood vessels, deficiency may cause more bruising."

8: "Scurvy Symptoms - Severe Vitamin C deficiency can lead to scurvy, with symptoms like fatigue and swollen joints."

9: "Consult a Doctor - If you suspect a Vitamin C deficiency, talk to your healthcare provider for testing and treatment."

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