1: Introducing restaurant-quality roasted potatoes you can make at home. Elevate your meals with this showstopper side dish.

2: Select the perfect potatoes for roasting. Russet or Yukon Gold varieties work best for that crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside texture.

3: Preparation is key. Wash, peel (if desired), and cut potatoes into even-sized chunks for uniform cooking and perfect results every time.

4: Seasoning is everything. Toss potatoes in olive oil, salt, pepper, and any herbs or spices of your choice for added flavor.

5: Spread potatoes in a single layer on a baking sheet for optimal caramelization. Do not overcrowd the pan for even cooking.

6: Bake at a high temperature, around 425°F, for crispy perfection. Remember to flip potatoes halfway through cooking for uniform browning.

7: Achieve that restaurant-quality crispiness by using the broil setting for the final few minutes of cooking. Watch closely to avoid burning.

8: Serve hot and enjoy the delicious, crispy exterior and fluffy interior of these restaurant-quality roasted potatoes. Perfect for any meal.

9: With these tips and tricks, you can easily make showstopping roasted potatoes at home. Elevate your cooking and impress your guests with this dish.

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