1: Title: "The Tom Cruise Role" Content: Explore how this iconic role was originally written for Tom Hanks, but ended up going to Tom Cruise instead.

2: Title: "Tom Hanks vs. Tom Cruise" Content: Discover the differences in acting styles between Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise in this memorable movie role.

3: Title: "Cruise's Unique Interpretation" Content: Learn how Tom Cruise brought his own flair and unique interpretation to the character that was originally intended for Tom Hanks.

4: Title: "Hanks' Missed Opportunity" Content: Delve into the behind-the-scenes story of why Tom Hanks ended up passing on the role that was written with him in mind.

5: Title: "Casting Curveball" Content: Uncover the surprising twist of how Tom Cruise ultimately landed the role that was initially intended for another Hollywood heavyweight.

6: Title: "Award-Winning Performance" Content: See how Tom Cruise's performance in this role earned critical acclaim and accolades, despite being written for someone else.

7: Title: "Hollywood's Switcheroo" Content: Get a glimpse into the world of Hollywood casting and how roles can unexpectedly shift from one A-list actor to another.

8: Title: "Legacy of the Role" Content: Explore how this role became iconic not just for Tom Cruise, but for the film industry as a whole, despite its original inspiration.

9: Title: "The Hanks-Cruise Connection" Content: Reflect on the enduring legacy of this role and its unexpected journey from Tom Hanks to Tom Cruise in cinematic history.

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