1: "Discover the magic of Studio Ghibli with our list of the best movies."

2: "Spirited Away, a tale of a young girl trapped in the spirit world, is a must-watch."

3: "My Neighbor Totoro follows two sisters as they befriend mystical creatures."

4: "Princess Mononoke explores the clash between humans and forest gods."

5: "Howl's Moving Castle is a whimsical story of love and magic."

6: "Kiki's Delivery Service follows a young witch on a journey of self-discovery."

7: "Castle in the Sky tells the adventure of a boy and a mysterious girl."

8: "Ponyo, a reimagining of The Little Mermaid, is a heartwarming tale of friendship."

9: "The Wind Rises is a beautifully animated story of love and loss in wartime Japan."

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