1: "Attack on Titan" - Follow Eren as he battles giant humanoid creatures threatening humanity's survival.

2: "Dororo" - Samurai battles demons in a dark fantasy world with a young thief.

3: "Made in Abyss" - A young girl explores a mysterious abyss to find her mother.

4: "Vinland Saga" - Follow a young Viking warrior seeking revenge in the brutal world of medieval warfare.

5: "Atelier" - A young alchemist pursues her dream in a magical world filled with wonders.

6: "Great Pretender" - A group of con artists execute elaborate scams across the globe.

7: "Golden Kamuy" - A soldier and an Ainu hunt for hidden treasure in the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese War.

8: "Re:Creators" - Fictional characters come to life and battle in an epic clash of worlds.

9: "Banana Fish" - A young gang leader navigates the dark underworld of 1980s New York City.

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