1: Susan Lucci teases fans with updates on All My Children spinoff series. COVID-19 impacts production.

2: Exciting movement in developing new series featuring beloved characters from All My Children.

3: Susan Lucci shares insights on potential spinoff and how COVID-19 has affected plans.

4: Fans eagerly await details on upcoming All My Children spinoff, facing delays due to pandemic.

5: COVID-19 halts progress on All My Children spinoff, Susan Lucci hints at future developments.

6: Stay tuned for updates on the anticipated All My Children spinoff, COVID-19 causing setbacks.

7: Susan Lucci reveals progress on All My Children spinoff, discusses challenges of COVID-19.

8: Excitement builds for All My Children spinoff, setbacks due to COVID-19 pandemic.

9: Susan Lucci's hints at progress for All My Children spinoff amid challenges of COVID-19.

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