1: The upcoming Suits spinoff is shaking things up by removing a key original show element. Will fans embrace the change?

2: The beloved character, Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht, will not be a part of the new series. How will this impact the spinoff?

3: Without Harvey's charismatic presence, the spinoff risks alienating loyal Suits fans. Can the new characters fill the void left behind?

4: The decision to exclude Harvey Specter from the spinoff is a bold move that may either pay off or backfire. Will viewers tune in?

5: Replacing a fan-favorite character like Harvey is a risky move for the Suits spinoff. Can the show survive without him at the helm?

6: Fans are divided over the news of Harvey's absence in the spinoff. Will the new series be able to stand on its own merits?

7: The departure of Harvey Specter from the Suits spinoff raises questions about the show's future success. Can it succeed without him?

8: The decision to take a major risk by removing Harvey from the spinoff is a calculated gamble. Will fans embrace the new direction?

9: As the Suits spinoff takes a bold step in a new direction, only time will tell if the gamble of removing Harvey Specter will pay off.

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