1: Simone Biles stunned the world with a new vault that will now bear her name, solidifying her legacy in gymnastics history.

2: The Biles is a double pike Yurchenko vault, a move never before attempted in women's gymnastics at a competition.

3: After taking a break to focus on mental health, Biles returned to the Tokyo Olympics with a fearless performance.

4: Her courage and resilience on the vault have inspired a new generation of gymnasts to push their limits.

5: Biles' historic return to the world stage has reaffirmed her status as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time.

6: The gymnastics community is in awe of Biles' remarkable skills and her dedication to the sport.

7: By naming the vault after her, the FIG has recognized Biles' innovation and impact on the sport.

8: Biles' legacy will live on through the Biles vault, a testament to her talent and perseverance.

9: Simone Biles continues to inspire us all with her incredible talent, strength, and unwavering determination.

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