1: "Ray Donovan spinoff confirmed for Paramount, 4 years after original series finale. Get ready for more drama and action!"

2: "Fans of Ray Donovan can rejoice as the spinoff brings back beloved characters and introduces new ones to the mix."

3: "Paramount network continues the legacy of Ray Donovan with the highly-anticipated spinoff. Stay tuned for updates!"

4: "After 4 years, Ray Donovan is back with a bang on Paramount. Don't miss out on the thrilling new chapter."

5: "The Ray Donovan spinoff promises to deliver the same intense storytelling and gritty realism that made the original series a hit."

6: "Paramount's Ray Donovan spinoff offers a fresh take on the beloved characters, setting the stage for new adventures and challenges."

7: "Fans can expect the same heart-pounding action and complex characters in the Ray Donovan spinoff on Paramount."

8: "4 years later, Ray Donovan returns in an exciting spinoff on Paramount. Get ready for more twists and turns!"

9: "Stay updated on the latest news and trailers for the Ray Donovan spinoff, coming soon to Paramount network. Don't miss out!"

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