1: Meet Rachel Sennott, a young comic grappling with past trauma in "I Used to Be Funny" trailer.

2: Watch as Rachel uses humor to cope with heartbreak and uncertainty in this new dark comedy.

3: As she navigates relationships and stand-up comedy, Rachel's journey is raw and relatable.

4: "I Used to Be Funny" dives into mental health struggles and reclaiming one's voice through comedy.

5: Experience the highs and lows of Rachel's stand-up career as she finds humor in pain.

6: Through vulnerability and wit, Rachel proves that laughter can be a powerful healing tool.

7: Follow along as Rachel confronts her demons on stage, finding solace in shared laughter.

8: With sharp wit and emotional depth, Rachel's stand-up set is a cathartic journey.

9: Don't miss "I Used to Be Funny" for a poignant and humorous exploration of trauma and comedy.

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