1: Porsha Williams sets tongues wagging with news of her engagement to Simon Guobadia in the trailer for her upcoming Bravo show.

2: Fans are left with burning questions about Porsha's new family dynamic and the speed of her whirlwind romance.

3: Simon's ex-wife Falynn Guobadia's absence from the trailer leaves viewers wondering about the drama behind the scenes.

4: Porsha's friends and family are shown expressing shock and disbelief at the sudden engagement announcement.

5: The trailer hints at tension between Porsha and her loved ones as they navigate this unexpected turn of events.

6: Porsha's daughter Pilar is notably absent from the trailer, raising questions about her role in the new family dynamic.

7: Viewers are left wondering whether Porsha and Simon's engagement is the real deal or just a publicity stunt for the show.

8: The trailer promises plenty of drama and intrigue as Porsha embarks on this new chapter of her life with Simon.

9: Stay tuned to Bravo as Porsha's new show unfolds, answering all the burning questions about her family and engagement.

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