1: "Netflix, Disney, and Hulu are raising prices. Save money with these 8 tips to lower your streaming bill."

2: "1. Cancel unused subscriptions. Identify which services you don't need and trim the fat."

3: "2. Share accounts with friends or family members to split costs and still enjoy multiple platforms."

4: "3. Look for bundle deals that combine streaming services at a discounted rate."

5: "4. Use free trials strategically. Rotate through different services to avoid paying for multiple subscriptions at once."

6: "5. Downgrade to a lower-tier plan if you don't need all the bells and whistles."

7: "6. Monitor your data usage to see if you can switch to a cheaper internet plan."

8: "7. Consider investing in a streaming device to access multiple platforms on one device."

9: "8. Keep an eye on promotional offers and seasonal discounts to score savings on your favorite streaming services."

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