1: NCIS Origins introduces Robert Taylor as Gibbs' father, a pivotal role in the beloved series.

2: Taylor's casting brings depth and intrigue to Gibbs' backstory, shedding light on his formative years.

3: In addition to Taylor, two more talented actors join the NCIS Origins cast, adding new layers to the story.

4: The dynamic performances of these new cast members promise to captivate audiences and enhance the NCIS universe.

5: Fans eagerly anticipate the exploration of Gibbs' origins and the addition of these compelling characters.

6: Taylor's portrayal of Gibbs' father is sure to offer insights into the character's motivations and complexities.

7: The NCIS Origins cast continues to expand, with each new addition adding to the intrigue and drama.

8: Stay tuned for more updates as the NCIS Origins cast comes together, promising a fresh take on a beloved franchise.

9: With Robert Taylor leading the way, NCIS Origins promises to delve into the past of one of TV's most iconic characters.

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