1: Meet Riley's new turtleneck-sporting emotion in Inside Out 2. Maya Hawke lends her voice in the trailer. Get ready!

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4: Inside Out 2 introduces Riley's latest emotion, voiced by Maya Hawke. Discover the unique personality behind the trendy turtleneck.

5: Riley's emotions get a stylish upgrade in Inside Out 2. Maya Hawke shines as the voice of the new character.

6: The Inside Out 2 trailer reveals Riley's fashionable new emotion. Don't forget to catch Maya Hawke's performance in the film.

7: Meet the latest addition to Riley's emotions in Inside Out 2. Maya Hawke's voice brings depth to the turtleneck-wearing character.

8: Riley's new emotion stands out with a turtleneck and Maya Hawke's voice. Get ready to experience the unique personality in Inside Out 2.

9: Inside Out 2 brings a fresh voice and style to Riley's emotions. Maya Hawke's character adds a new dimension to the beloved film.

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