1: Lana Condor shares excitement about a potential spinoff series of "To All the Boys I've Loved Before."

2: Fans adore Lana Condor's character, Lara Jean, and can't wait to see her return in a new series.

3: The actress is open to revisiting the beloved character in a spinoff show.

4: Condor expresses gratitude to fans for their support and love for the "To All the Boys" series.

5: The possibility of a spinoff series featuring Lana Condor has fans buzzing with anticipation.

6: Lana Condor's willingness to continue the story of Lara Jean is celebrated by fans worldwide.

7: The actress's positive attitude towards reprising her role in a spinoff series is met with enthusiasm.

8: Fans eagerly await further updates on the potential spinoff series starring Lana Condor.

9: Lana Condor's openness to revisiting Lara Jean in a spinoff series has fans excited for what's to come.

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