1: John Cena stars in the hilarious new Ricky Stanicky trailer as Zac Efron's fake friend.

2: Watch as their bromance heats up on screen, creating laughs and chaos.

3: Cena steals the show with his comedic timing and lovable charm.

4: Efron plays the perfect straight man to Cena's outrageous antics.

5: The chemistry between the two leads is undeniable in this must-watch comedy.

6: Get ready to laugh out loud at Cena and Efron's on-screen shenanigans.

7: Ricky Stanicky promises a wild ride filled with friendship and funny moments.

8: Don't miss Cena and Efron's hilarious dynamic in this upcoming blockbuster.

9: Catch all the action and comedy when Ricky Stanicky hits theaters soon.

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