1: Jill Duggar Dillard discusses quitting reality TV for more control over her life and family.

2: The former Counting On star opens up about the decision to walk away from the cameras.

3: Jill and husband Derick wanted to focus on their own goals and values away from the show.

4: The couple felt it was important to prioritize their family's well-being and privacy.

5: Jill reveals the challenges of being on a reality TV show and the impact on her mental health.

6: The Dillards aim to live authentically and according to their beliefs outside of the spotlight.

7: Their departure from the show has allowed them to make decisions based on what's best for their family.

8: Jill shares how leaving the show has given her a sense of freedom and control over her life.

9: The Dillards are grateful for the lessons learned from their time on reality TV and embrace their new path.

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