1: Jane the Virgin stars bid emotional farewells after wrapping series. Tears and hugs all around.

2: Gina Rodriguez shares heartfelt message. Cast and crew say goodbye in a blur of emotions.

3: Justin Baldoni reflects on final moments. Emotions run high during series wrap.

4: Yael Grobglas expresses gratitude. Cast members embrace in tearful goodbyes.

5: Andrea Navedo thanks fans. Farewell hugs mark end of beloved series.

6: Jaime Camil gets emotional. Cast shares memories in touching goodbyes.

7: Ivonne Coll shares final thoughts. Emotional series wrap filled with love and tears.

8: Brett Dier says goodbye. Jane the Virgin stars bid farewell in emotional blur.

9: Series finale brings closure. Cast and crew share emotional farewells after final episode.

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