1: iPhone warning: Avoid network name "%Arabic%" to prevent WiFi disabling on your device.

2: Keep your iPhone safe: Beware of network name "%Arabic%" as it can disrupt your WiFi connection.

3: Protect your iPhone: "%Arabic%" network name may lead to WiFi issues on your device.

4: iPhone security alert: "%Arabic%" network name can potentially disable your WiFi connection.

5: Safeguard your iPhone: Stay away from network name "%Arabic%" to prevent WiFi disruptions.

6: WiFi caution for iPhone users: Avoid connecting to "%Arabic%" network name to avoid issues.

7: Prevent WiFi problems on your iPhone: Do not link to the "%Arabic%" network name.

8: Stay connected on your iPhone: Be wary of network name "%Arabic%" to avoid WiFi troubles.

9: Protect your iPhone's WiFi: Avoid using network name "%Arabic%" to maintain a stable connection.

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