1: "Navigate to your profile, click on 'Account,' select 'Language,' and choose your preferred option."

2: "Scroll to the 'Profile & Parental Controls' section, click on your profile, and select 'Language.'"

3: "Select 'Manage Profiles,' choose your profile, click on 'Language,' and pick a new language."

4: "Visit the Netflix website, sign in, go to 'Account,' click on 'Language,' and select a new preferred language."

5: "Open the Netflix app, go to 'More,' tap on 'Account,' select 'Language,' and choose a different language."

6: "Explore your account settings, click 'Profile,' go to 'Language,' and pick a new language option."

7: "Access your account settings, click on 'Language,' select a new option, and save your changes."

8: "Switch languages by visiting the Netflix website, signing in, and adjusting your language settings."

9: "Change the language on Netflix easily by updating your settings in a few simple steps."

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