1: Exciting News Get ready, Empire fans! A Cookie spinoff is in the works, starring Taraji P Henson.

2: New Adventure Follow Cookie Lyon on a new journey as she takes on the music industry once again.

3: Return of a Legend Taraji P Henson brings her iconic character to life in this highly-anticipated spinoff series.

4: Drama Unfolds Expect twists, turns, and plenty of drama in this Empire Cookie spinoff.

5: Fashion Forward Get ready for some serious style moments with Cookie's impeccable fashion sense.

6: Star-Studded Cast Joining Taraji P Henson will be a talented cast of actors in this Empire spinoff.

7: Music Magic Experience the power of music as Cookie navigates the ups and downs of the industry.

8: Cookie's World Step into Cookie's world and see what adventures await in this new spinoff series.

9: Coming Soon Stay tuned for more updates on the Empire Cookie spinoff featuring Taraji P Henson.

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