1: Christopher Meloni Excitedly Confirms Mariska Hargitay's Appearance

2: SVU Fans Rejoice as Mariska Hargitay Joins Spinoff

3: Dynamic Duo Reunited: Hargitay and Meloni Back in Action

4: Exclusive: Hargitay Set to Make Cameo in SVU Spinoff

5: Meloni Delights Fans by Teasing Hargitay's Involvement

6: Hargitay's Return to SVU Universe Sparks Buzz

7: Hargitay's Surprise Cameo Leaves SVU Fans Thrilled

8: Mariska Hargitay Makes Epic Cameo in SVU Spinoff

9: Meloni & Hargitay Reunited: SVU Spinoff Casts Excitement

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