1: Chris Pine stars as a Poolman turned detective in his directorial debut. Follow his zany journey as he solves mysteries and navigates the criminal underworld.

2: Join Chris Pine on a whirlwind adventure as he balances his pool cleaning duties with his newfound detective work. Will he crack the case before it's too late?

3: In a hilarious twist, Chris Pine's pool cleaning skills come in handy as he investigates a series of crimes. Watch as he uses unconventional methods to solve the mystery.

4: As a Poolman turned detective, Chris Pine brings a unique perspective to the world of crime solving. Follow along as he dives into the deep end of the investigation.

5: Witness Chris Pine's comedic genius as he tackles tough cases with a splash of humor. Can he outwit the bad guys and save the day in his directorial debut?

6: Chris Pine's transition from Poolman to detective is anything but smooth sailing. Laugh along as he fumbles through clues and navigates the murky waters of crime solving.

7: Experience the thrill of the chase as Chris Pine races against time to solve the case. With his signature wit and charm, he's sure to make a splash in the world of crime fighting.

8: Get ready for a wild ride with Chris Pine as he takes on the role of a lifetime. From poolside to detective work, he proves that anything is possible in his zany directorial debut.

9: Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime with Chris Pine as he brings his unique brand of comedy to the big screen. Dive into his directorial debut and prepare to be entertained.

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