1: "Taraji P. Henson's cameo in Abbott Elementary subverts sitcom norms with her unexpected appearance."

2: "The iconic actress brings her star power to the classroom, shaking things up in the best way."

3: "Viewers were surprised and delighted by Henson's role in the hit comedy series."

4: "Her character adds a fresh perspective to the show's ensemble, creating memorable moments."

5: "Henson's presence challenges the traditional sitcom formula, pushing boundaries and raising the bar."

6: "Her cameo showcases the talent and diversity of the Abbott Elementary cast."

7: "Fans and critics alike have praised Henson's performance as a welcome addition to the show."

8: "Abbott Elementary's clever use of celebrity cameos keeps audiences on their toes."

9: "The show continues to break the mold with unexpected twists and turns, thanks in part to Henson's unforgettable cameo."

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