1: "A David Ayer War Movie Remake Would Be Jason Statham's Perfect Expendables Replacement"

2: "Jason Statham's Action Prowess Matches Ayer's Gritty Style Perfectly"

3: "Fans Excited for Statham's Potential in Ayer's War Movie Revamp"

4: "Expendables Franchise Looking for Exciting Reboot with Statham at Helm"

5: "Ayer and Statham Could Create Explosive Box Office Hit Together"

6: "Action Movie Fans Anticipate Statham's Gritty Performance in Ayer's Film"

7: "Statham's Charisma and Ayer's Direction Promise Blockbuster Success"

8: "Expendables Franchise Could Benefit from Statham-Ayer Collaboration"

9: "Stay Tuned for Updates on Statham's Role in Ayer's War Movie Remake"

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