1:** Title: 8 Dry Fruits to Avoid in Summer Content: Learn which dry fruits to steer clear of during the hot summer months for better health and well-being. **

2:** Content: Raisins are one of the dry fruits to avoid in summer due to their high sugar content and potential to cause stomach upset in the heat. **

3:** Content: Dates, while nutritious, can be heavy to digest in the summer and may lead to bloating and discomfort in some individuals. **

4:** Content: Cashews are best enjoyed in moderation during summer as they are high in calories and fat, which can be harder to digest in the heat. **

5:** Content: Pistachios are another dry fruit to avoid in excess during summer as they are high in calories and can cause digestive issues in some people. **

6:** Content: Walnuts are nutritious but are best consumed in smaller amounts during summer as they can be heavy on the stomach and may cause indigestion. **

7:** Content: Almonds are a healthy snack, but too many can lead to body heat and digestive problems, making them a dry fruit to limit in summer. **

8:** Content: Peanuts should be consumed in moderation in summer as they are high in fat and may lead to digestive discomfort and bloating in the heat. **

9:** Content: Chestnuts are best avoided in summer due to their warming properties, which can be uncomfortable in hot weather and may lead to overheating.

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