1: 1. Lovebirds Perfect for small living spaces, lovebirds are social and affectionate companions.

2: 2. Budgerigars Budgies are playful and easy to train, ideal for apartment living.

3: 3. Cockatiels Friendly and low-maintenance, cockatiels are great apartment pets.

4: 4. Conures Conures are colorful and entertaining birds that thrive in apartment settings.

5: 5. Senegal Parrots Senegals are intelligent and quiet apartment-friendly companions.

6: 6. Quaker Parrots Quakers are highly social and adaptable, making them perfect for apartments.

7: 7. Bourke's Parakeets Quiet and gentle, Bourke's parakeets are ideal apartment pets.

8: 8. Pionus Parrots Pionus are calm and non-destructive birds that are great for apartments.

9: 9. Caiques Caiques are energetic and playful birds that are well-suited for apartment living.

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