1: Sleek Ponytail Create a sleek ponytail by smoothing hair back and securing with a hair tie. Perfect for a polished look.

2: Messy Bun Achieve a messy bun by twisting hair into a loose bun and securing with bobby pins. Effortlessly chic!

3: Beach Waves Get beach waves by braiding hair and using a hair straightener for loose waves. Effortless and beachy!

4: Half-Up Half-Down Rock a half-up half-down style by pulling the top section of hair back and securing. Easy and stylish!

5: Fishtail Braid Master a fishtail braid by dividing hair into two sections and weaving pieces together. Boho-inspired and trendy!

6: Top Knot Sport a top knot by gathering hair into a high ponytail and twisting into a bun. Trendy and versatile!

7: Twisted Crown Wear a twisted crown by twisting sections of hair from each side and securing at the back. Elegant and romantic!

8: Sleek Low Ponytail Opt for a sleek low ponytail by smoothing hair back and securing at the nape of the neck. Sophisticated and chic!

9: French Twist Elevate your look with a French twist by twisting hair and securing at the back. Classic and elegant!

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