1: "Welcome to 10 Simple and Cute Nail Designs 2024! Get inspired for your next manicure with these trendy looks."

2: "1. Pastel Geometric: Soft hues and clean lines create a modern and chic nail design."

3: "2. Floral Delight: Bring a touch of nature to your nails with delicate flower patterns."

4: "3. French Tips Twist: Add a fun twist to the classic French manicure with colorful tips."

5: "4. Glitter Glam: Sparkle and shine with glittery accents for a glamorous look."

6: "5. Dainty Dots: Playful polka dots are a cute and easy way to elevate your nails."

7: "6. Marble Magic: Get a sophisticated and luxe look with swirling marble nail art."

8: "7. Neon Nights: Make a bold statement with bright neon hues on your nails."

9: "8. Ombre Obsession: Blend shades seamlessly for a trendy ombre nail design."

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